The Mountain West Maximo Users Group was formed by Maximo users (not vendors) in the Utah and Rocky Mountain region. We believe we are the only user group that is actually run by users, not vendors, of the software. We remember what it was like to walk down the aisles at MRO World/Pulse and wonder who should we talk to and who could really help us. We have spent the last eight years learning from the school of hard knocks and attending MRO World/Pulse and various user group meetings to build a network of users and vendors who really know how to help you. Although we feel like we know how to move around in the Maximo community, we also look forward to meeting new and old users to share successes as well the horror stories. That is what a user group is all about.

As we continue to move forward, we are excited to see the growth in our meetings and the diversity of experience that we now have in our members.

If you have any technical questions about the user group or content of the user group meetings, you can contact Terry Thomas at, Todd Loveday at, or Lync Jones at Don’t be afraid to shoot us an email…our goal is to give back to the user group community who has helped us along the way.