2017 Winter

Scheduling Best Practices leat to Reliability Centered Maintenance – Solufy Information Technologies, Richard Almendarez

Reliability Centered Maintenance – Cohesive Information Solutions, Russ Anderton

Mobile Inventory Program Optimization – DataSplice, Scott Schilling

Asset Health Insights – IBM, Kevin Egge

Operationalized HSE in Action – Aquitas Solutions, Ray Miciek

Maximo Mobile options using Interloc’s Mobile Informer – Interloc Solutions, Jason VenHuizen

2016 Summer

Orbital ATK Maximo and BIRT CustomizationsATK, Sandy Allred

Work Order Notifications and EscalationsU of U Hospital, Mike Schouten

Automatic Completion of WO’s using Craft Complete Field – Automated PO to Vendor SendingBig West Oil, Karl Halling

Beyond the Technical Upgrade: Enabling Maximo 7.6 to Improve Asset ReliabilityABS/Genesis Solutions, Randolf Hernandez

Maximo Work Centers, Watson Analytics, Maximo Everyplace, Maximo Release Life-CycleCohesive Information Solutions, Russ Anderton

Job Plan Best PracticesSolufy Information Technologies, Matt Midas

Work Scheduling and Metrics – Dean Fluor, Will Leonard

Maximo 7.6 Overview – IBM, Paul Labascio

Why Archive? – Maxis Technologies, Keith Hildreth / Steve Cornell

Work Flow Do’s and Don’tsAquitas Solutions, Mike Lorden

Simplifying the User Experience by Blending Data – Datasplice, Scott Schilling

IoT Realized – Delivering Asset Health InsightsSchad Automation, Dave O’Reilly

Bonus:  SCHAD Webinar provided by Aquitas Solutions

2016 Winter

Maximo Online Training – Cohesive Information Solutions, Russ Anderton, IBM, Rick White

Using Mobile Devices for Maximo Inventory and Tool Management at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Wastewater Enterprise – DataSplice, Scott Schilling

Predictive and Preventive MaintenanceGenesis Solutions, Jason Smith

An Easy Way to Improve Efficiency – Solufy, Matt Midas

Maximo Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices – Maxis Technology, Keith Hildreth

Reporting – What tool to use and what to report on – Aquitas Solutions, Ed Morris

2015 Summer

Mobile Best PracticesDataSplice, Michael Nutt

JeopardySolufy, Richard Almendarez

Measurable ROI Implementing MaximoGenesis Solutions, Bill Thompson

2015 Winter

Planning and Scheduling with a Focus on Managing Availability in Maximo – Sinclair Oil, Kyle Cook

Maximo Data Loader Utility Demo – Cohesive Information Solutions, Russ Anderton

Maximo 7.6 Feature/Functionality Update – Cohesive Information Solutions, Matt Logsdon

2014 Summer

Maximo Support Services/Maximo Roadmap – IBM, Scott Peluso

Maximo Tips, Tricks, and Issue Resolution through Implementation – ATK, Sandy Allred, Margo Morgan, Jerry Harris

What’s so Spatial about Maximo? – Active G, Andy Stewart

Maximo Automation Scripting – Big West Oil, Karl Halling

PM Optimization: An EAM Best Practice Overview – Genesis Solutions, Matt Midas

Using Classifications and Attributes to Submit Self-Service SR’s & Streamline Processes – University of Utah Hospital, Deidra Armstrong

Planning ans Scheduling using AKWIRE – Solufy, Gerry Lamarche, Richard Almendarez

A Field Tech’s Most Important Tool The Mobile Device – SAP, Stephanie Thomas

Maximo Work Order Management without knowing anything about Maximo – IBM, Colleen McCretton, Wayne Riley, Diego Duarte Moreira

2014 Winter

Mobile: The Future is Now with SAP! – SAP, Lou Aguilar

Creating Custom Applications to Meet Critical Business Needs – Big West Oil, Karl Halling

DataSplice Enterprise Approach to Mobility – DataSplice, Scott Schilling

Data Readiness in Maximo and Overcoming Some Challenges with Planning and Scheduling using Akwire – Solufy Information Technologies, Gerry Lamarche

2013 Summer

Why Do I Need a Map? – Starboard Consulting, Gary Cooper

Make Maximo as Accessible as Your Inbox – Interloc Solutions, Jason VenHuizen

Case Study Solutions – ATCO I-Tek, John Bergsten

Creating a Reliability Culture – Genesis Solutions, Matt Midas

Maximo Service Address Overview – Cohesive Solutions, Matt Logsdon

(Roundtable) Maximo Conditional Expressions and Escalations – URS, Lync Jones

(Roundtable) HSE Plus for Maximo – Aquitas Solutions, Ed Morris

Maximo Support Services/Maximo Roadmap – IBM, Scott Peluso

Planning and Scheduling at Sinclair Refinery – Sinclair Oil, Kyle Cook

Customization Without Code – Big West Oil, Karl Halling

2013 Winter

Maximo 7 and its Many Uses at URS – URS, Todd Loveday, Lync Jones

Work Order Scheduling for Small Sites – Cohesive Information Solutions, John Reeve

Work Planning and Scheduling – Genesis Solutions, Matt Midas

SAP’s Roadmap for SMART Mobile Suite for Maximo – Syclo, Joe Granda

Upgrade to Maximo 7.5 at Metropolitan Water – Metropolitan Water, Darin Klemin